A New Kind of Lock

If I had only been locked out of my house in Brisbane once, it would not be too embarrassing. While it may not be a common occurrence, I knew that other people had also done the same thing. However, this was the third time that I had locked myself out of the house, and it was getting more than a little embarrassing. By this point, I already knew which locksmith to call out. I did not feel comfortable with hiding a key outside my house, so I really thought that I was out of options.

However, the locksmith remembered me from the last two times he had been out to change the locks. He knew that I did not want to hide a key under the floor mat, and he actually commended me for that. He did have another suggestion that I really appreciated though. He said that I could have a different kind of lock put on my shed. It too has a keyed lock, but he told me I could put a touchpad lock on that door. It would give me equal security, and I would be able to safely put one of my house keys in the shed.

He had suggested a keypad lock for the house the last time, but I was against that for reasons that probably are not very logical. However, I did like the idea of this kind of lock system being put on my shed. There are so many boxes in there that I knew I would safely be able to put a key someone in there, and it would be very hard for someone else to find it. He let me back in my house that day, and then he installed that kind of lock on my shed for me. It was the perfect answer for me!