Frequently Asked Questions About Agricultural Spraying Equipment Pumps

When using a spraying system for agricultural purposes, it’s essential to have a reliable and durable pump. During spraying season, individuals don’t have the time for equipment breakdowns. When they use a roller vane pump, their equipment will run smoothly and get the job done. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn important information about these types of pumps.

What are some of the specifications of agricultural spraying equipment pumps?

These kinds of pumps are referred to as positive displacement pumps and a certain number of rollers that are positioned inside the housing force the liquid to exit through the outlet. These pumps can perform with a motor that stands alone or through a tractor’s power take off or PTO. These motors can run efficiently at a speed of 540 RPM if the pump is connected to the tractor with a special quick release coupler. The shaft size is 25mm and is constructed out of heavy duty stainless steel. The rotation of the pump shaft is counterclockwise and the port size is 1 1/2″ BSP. The weight of this specific pump is 23 pounds. The maximum flow output is 25 gallons per minute with a maximum continuous pressure of 100 psi and a maximum intermittent pressure of 150 psi.

What type of maintenance is required for these specific agricultural pumps?

To keep the pump functioning at peak performance, individuals should flush the pump with oil after using it each time. Individuals should use a type of oil that lubricates the internal components of the pump. When the pump won’t be in use for a period of time, individuals should test the pump to make sure it flows at maximum capacity. The test should be performed using the biggest nozzles and at 50 psi running pressure. Individuals should also view the inside of the pump ports to inspect the rollers. If the rollers appear distorted or worn, it’s time to have the pump replaced or possibly reconditioned.

Individuals who need a reliable pump for their spraying equipment can contact an company that specializes in roller vane pumps. These pumps are made to last and their performance is unbeatable for agricultural applications.