The History Of Kirk Chewning And Where He Is Now

Kirk Chewning is very well know for his vast expertise in financial services. He is well versed in financial modeling, deployment, technology architecture and software development. Currently, he acts as CEO of Cane Bay Partners, a company that offers its financial services to other companies. With a history in the financial services field, he has built an outstanding reputation for himself. Many companies ask for his help in various aspects of their company. Below is a brief history on his accomplishments as well as his current status.

The Road That Led Him To Where He Is Now

To start things off, he graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in the field of finance. Out of college, he held positions like VP of business development for a web application firm, consulted for a technology and research firm, as well as being a Vice President for a global bank. There, he managed their commercial loan portfolio. He served as Vice President to TranDotCom Solutions, a consulting firm. From there, he became owner and partner of Strategic Link Consulting.

His Current Duties And Activities He Enjoys

Today, he performs all duties of the CEO at Cane Bay Partners, as well as helping from time to time with the portfolio risk management group. Other areas of expertise the company provides includes risk management, service provider analysis, product development and collections modeling. To spread his vast knowledge, he also teaches corporate and life skills at different schools throughout the states. He currently lives on the island of St. Croix where he enjoys bowling in a league, as well as other island activities to engage in.

He has had a very successful career in the financial services industry and now holds a company that offers those same services to other companies. Management consulting firms have different positions available for those that are interested in working in such areas. Cane Bay Partners is currently hiring for different positions. Check out their website to see a list of all that is offered and to see if you meet their qualifications standards. Embarking on a new company can be rewarding and fulfilling.